Michael M. Fanous

Attorney Michael Fanous was a perfect fit for Guirguis Law given his fortitude for defending individuals who are both wrongly accused or desire to fight their criminal cases regardless of how grim the situation may appear. As such, we at Guirguis Law are ecstatic to have Attorney Fanous as a Criminal Defense Attorney.

Attorney Fanous graduated from East Carolina University with a dual degree in Criminal Justice and Philosophy. He knew from the beginning that his desire and talents were aligned with ensuring our community members' rights were fought for and protected.

He recognized the best way to best serve individuals who were being prosecuted was to understand how prosecutors work. As such, he obtained an internship at the Pitt County District Attorney's Office. Thereafter, he also worked in that same capacity at the Union County District Attorney's Office. This was invaluable because it offered such a unique experience that allows Michael to understand now how the government works and sees a criminal case so as to ensure to use this knowledge and skills at Guirguis Law. That is, he was able to acquire a unique vantage point of the criminal justice process that he is able to take with him in best serving our clients at Guirguis Law.

Michael earned his Juris Doctor from Elon University School of Law. At Elon, he competed in trial work and earned a position on the trial advocacy board while honing his litigation skills. At graduation he was awarded the Order of the Barristers, given to the most dedicated students of trial advocacy, which was also given to our founding attorney at Guirguis Law, Nardine Mary Guirguis. Accordingly, Attorney Guirguis further knew through such that Michael would be an excellent fit with our Guirguis Law team, along with the fact that he, too, is a Coptic Orthodox Christian whose family faced similar trials and tribulations while living in Egypt.

Micheal grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina, and enjoys weightlifting, the outdoors, and spending time with his family, preferably on a beach somewhere.