Raleigh Divorce Attorneys

Going through a divorce is never an easy proposition. Divorce can have a detrimental effect personally and professionally on everyone involved, including children of the marriage. Property disputes incident to divorce can be extremely complicated and can be highly contentious considering the heightened emotions stemming from the situation at hand. Steady and experienced legal representation is an invaluable asset as you move toward a new life absent your spouse.

The Raleigh Divorce Attorneys are equipped to handle your divorce case regardless of its complexity. If you don't have any outstanding property or support issues to resolve, we can assist you in the filing of an absolute divorce to sever the marital bond. If you wish to separate, but can't come to an agreement on terms of separation and who should vacate the marital home, we can pursue a divorce from bed and board on your behalf. Finally, if you've been married for a long period of time and have amassed substantial property together, our attorneys can prosecute and defend claims for equitable distribution in order to obtain a full and final distribution of all marital property. Regardless of your situation the divorce attorneys at Guirguis Law are prepared to assist you.

In your initial confidential consultation with our firm, we'll address your concerns and any questions you may have. We provide competent legal advise and it is not uncommon for a client to feel comfortable enough after meeting with us to proceed without legal assistance. We can advise you on the best way to proceed to protect your rights and quote you a fair and reasonable fee to proceed on your claim if you want the comfort of having our trained attorneys on your side. We are experienced trial attorneys that are committed to fighting for your best interest.

There are certain filing deadlines that must be adhered to protect your rights to equitable distribution. If you are in the process of getting divorced, do not delay in contact an attorney to preserve your rights.

The office of Guirguis Law provides clients of all needs equal representation, equal respect and equal effort. We believe in providing clients effective legal assistance to achieve their goals. Take advantage of our initial consultation, multilingual services in English, Spanish and Arabic, and our client-focused international practice. Contact us today to get started.