2020 Census

Why is the 2020 census important? Should I fill out the census if I am undocumented?

Yes, the census is very important to how our government functions. Yes, you should respond and fill out the census questionnaire. Yes, even if you are undocumented in the US!

The census count determines the number of seats each state has in the House of Representatives. The count is also used to draw congressional and state legislative districts. The results can show where communities will need to supply new schools, clinics, roads, and other services for families and vulnerable populations. The results of the census will also inform how hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funding are allocated to over a hundred government programs, including programs like Medicaid, Head Start, block grants for community mental health services, and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). To fill out the 2020 Census, go online to 2020census.gov. The website is available in many languages. You’ll answer questions such as, ‘how many people were living or staying in your house on April 1, 2020?’ Count everyone. ‘Do you rent or own the house?’ ‘What is your name, biographic information, and contact information?’

There is no citizenship question on the 2020 census. They won’t ask for a social security number. The Census Bureau is bound by federal law to protect your information, and your data is used only for statistical purposes.